Touring Motorcycles

Motorcycles are fully equipped (as applicable) with touring windshield, handlebar risers, tank bag, hard/soft panniers, luggage rack, tail pack/top box, passenger backrest, owner's handbook, crash bars/frame sliders, comprehensive tool kit, automatic chain lubrication and a tubeless-type puncture repair kit with air pump. Adjustable handlebar risers, multiple seat options and stiffer suspension components (for two-up riders) are available for Standard Price models.

Fleet motorcycles are maintained and prepared by factory trained motorcycle technicians at manufacturer authorized dealerships. To offset availability issues, bikes are reserved on a three-model preference basis. Due to circumstances beyond our control, FLYRIDE-USA cannot guarantee specific model availability. FLYRIDE-USA can guarantee one of your three preferred bikes. Minimum motorcycle rental period is four days. Unlimited miles.

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FLYRIDE-USA Motorcycle Vacations has been in continuous operation for two decades and millions of miles.
Extraordinary tours, suitably equipped and prepared motorcycles, 24/7 rider support and unbeatable value.