Motorcycle Rentals & Tour Services

Motorcycle Rentals
From $66 per-day
Standard Price Bikes (SUZ AN650, SUZ GSF1250S, SUZ DL1000) are fully equipped for touring. Upgrade to Premium Price Bike (YAM FJR1300, BMW R1200GS, H-D Road King) is available. All rentals include unlimited miles.
Rider Support/Rescue Service
From $6 per-day
Provides expert 24/7 rider support and rescue services, on-the-road tour support via email/text/voice, comprehensive orientation, detailed tour map and empty luggage storage. This tour component is required for all riders.
E911-Capable Mobile Phone
From $4 per-day
E911 locates caller during a 911 (emergency) call. International phones that are not E911-enabled will not provide caller location information in the event of a 911 call. Not required for riders with their own North American cellular service.
Basic Liability Insurance
From $12 per-day
FLYRIDE-USA partners with specialist insurers to provide riders with third party liability coverage at negotiated volume/group discount rates. Not required for riders with their own applicable motorcycle liability insurance.
First Tank of Fuel
From $20 per-bike
Return Empty. Premium grade fuels recommended.
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FLYRIDE-USA Motorcycle Vacations has been in continuous operation for two decades and millions of miles.
Extraordinary tours, suitably equipped and prepared motorcycles, 24/7 rider support and unbeatable value.