Optional Tour Services

Collision Damage Waiver
From $12 per-day
CDW limits rider's damage/loss liabilities to $1,950 in respect of tour vehicle and accessories. CDW-PLUS reduces rider's financial responsibility to $950. CDW insurance is recommended to all riders.
New Tires/Tyres Supplement
$190 per-motorcycle
NTS guarantees new matched tires/tyres fitted to your motorcycle from day-1 of your tour. NTS is recommended for tours over 15 days. NTS is included free of charge for tours over 22 days.
Hotel Reservation Service
$20 per-night
HTL books rider-preferred hotels at negotiated volume/group discount rates, saving riders 15%-25% on standard rates. This service guarantees the best locations, rooms, breakfasts, views, bike parking, restaurants, amenities…
US-Spec GPS Device
From $4 per-day

GPS is recommended for rider safety. The "WHERE AM I?" function can be critical in case of emergency (as a back-up to E911). GPS is also useful for easy and reliable guidance to hotels reserved via HTL.

Motorcycle Delivery to Your Hotel
$48 per-motorcycle

DEL conveniently delivers your bike to, and collects it from, your start/finish hotel(s). Alternatively, pick-up/return bike at partner motorcycle workshops (taxi may be required).

Upgrade to Premium Motorcycle
From $13.20 per-day
PRM upgrades your motorcycle from a Standard Price Bike (SUZUKI models) to a Premium Price Bike (BMW, H-D, YAMAHA models).
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